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Year 1106 - In the growing shadow of a
Emerging medieval Venice, Edgardo, a copyist monk, leaves his abbey after eight years of silence. He is in search of the miraculous stone, supposed to cure his eyes of the evil which gnaws at them. The clashes between master glassmakers, thirsty for the formula of pure glass, and the hunt for animist heretics orchestrated by the Pope's envoy, reveal a world where secrets are sharper than swords. Cornered, in a world whose rules he does not master, Edgardo finds refuge with a mysterious animist woman, thus revealing
buried truths. Evading traps while confronting a past that haunts him, Edgardo embarks on a quest that leads him far beyond the limits of his faith, in a quest where each step brings him closer to the truth, but also to danger.

Léa is a young woman on the verge of burnout. During her scientific studies, an unexpected pregnancy will deeply upset her and push her to question her identity. She embarks on a colorful quest in the footsteps of her great-grandfather, with the help of Hugo, a young and spirited cabinetmaker. Here they are immersed in an experience between dream and reality, through time, the arts and science.

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